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+1 bonus point for using my planet trick.

Hmm, this one was a lot more straight forward than a lot of your stuff. Still good though. I really liked the detail in the explosions and some of the vehicles.

Your stuff just keeps getting better, man. If I could think of something to improve, maybe it would be... modular characters? Characters composed of several pieces so it's easier for you to animate them smoothly.

How could it have taken five people?

Seriously, this could use improvement in every category. I imagine the work for this being split up like one person owning MS paint, on person with no hands doing the drawing, on person owning a microphone, one person owning the microwave the the sounds were recorded inside of, and one person owning a copy of flash to cobble this monstrosity together.

Seriously, it's been done many times before, and this movie had the potential to be another funny livecorpse movie, if it wasn't so damned incomprehensible. Generally, in a collaboration, people play to their strengths, that's why there's multiple people involved. This looks like the five people were five starving monkeys thrown into a sack with a dozen squirrels and a computer, and this movie was the result of the random noises, keystrokes, and mouse movements.

Just try to improve that, and you'll be fine.

Some comments and a question...

I thought it was pretty good, a bit strange and somewhat choppy, but not anything disagreeable to watch. Just keep working on developing your skills and ou should do pretty well.

Also, I've been trying to find out what that song is called and who it's by for a couple of years now, mind telling me?

DeadPixels responds:

texas faggot did the song, but i dont know the name, i just recorded the song myself. if u add me on AIM or something, i'l be glad to send it to you, PS thanks 4 review

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Good game, but fatal technical flaw

While the game and concept are both quite good, it suffers from an error where after upgrading, all ship parts (including the basic gun) are erased, making it potentially impossible to continue in the game. This coupled with the fact that there is no "erase data" button have made this game completely unplayable for me now.

Evidently this issue has been fixed in v 1.6 on other websites, but it doesn't appear here nor on ArmorGames' official website.

Requires more playtesting

From what I played of it, this game is rife with what's called "fake difficulty"

Not difficult because the situations are challenging or interesting in some way, but difficult because the controls are nigh-unusable.

The game doesn't LOOK that bad, but it's frustrating to play rather than enjoyable.

I know a lot of peopel won't appreciate this.

But it's pretty impressive, coding and compressing this game into a mere 1.2 kb

Don't worry man, your skills as a programmer have not gone totally unnoticed, even if this doesn't make it past judgment.

By the way, I voted 5, as an attempt to, if just slightly, cushion the blow of people who don't notice the filesize, or voted 0 because of the file size.

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This track is a classic. It's got everything:

1) Sound waves arranged in such a way that they seem to be human voices
2) Yeah

Seriously though KEEP IT UP DOG.

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An interesting and topical allegory for the parallels between modern-day corporate America and feudal-era England.

WillieD891 responds:

Thank you Very Much Sign Willie D

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